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Company Profile

The business activity of LCDevelopment –through its president-managing director  started at 1975, concentrating on the construction field. Nowadays, after more than 30 years of continuous anodic progress, the business group consists of 6 companies that cover up the whole range of services and activities that are essential to the development of land and estates.

The Group, working always as a developer, can demonstrate constructed projects of more than 200.000 m², as well as projects of about 35.000 m² in progress, while there is a construction planning of projects that hold up more than 80.000 m² in total, within the next 3 years.

The business activity expands on all over Greece and pertains to the development of:

  1. Residential Complexes
  2. Vacation Residential Complexes
  3. Commercial Centers of chain-stores’ support
  4. Shopping Centers

In addition, the Group branches out into the Balkans, starting with Serbia, where independent offices are about to be established.
The combination of the perennial experience, the very good cognition of the Greek market and the expansion outboards, has enabled the Group to contract tactical deals for the stores’ development of well known commercial chains.

The Administrative and Organizing structure of the Group, guarantee rapidity, flexibility and credibility, as far as the realization of the business’ activities and targets are concerned, as well as the satisfaction of the clients’ requirements.

Listed below are the structure and services of our company.

  • Development Department
    • Marketing Research
    • Estates research
    • Estates evaluation
    • Appropriateness technical research
    • Financial negotiations
  • Commercial Department
    • Development proposal plans
    • Budget compilation
    • Sales promotion-Contact with prospective clients
    • Commercial deals
  • Financial Department
    • Financial Figures analyzing
    • Project financing
    • Financial Management
  • Legal Support Department
    • Legal control
    • Legal documents compilation
  • Project Study Department

    • Architectural, Electro-Mechanical and Structural-Static Study
    • Environmental impact study
    • Circulatory conjunction study
    • Building license issuance
    • Function license issuance
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